Satellite Remote Sensing

Institute for Troposheric Research

Research Topics

The research group "satellite remote sensing" utilizes satellite observations to investigate the physical properties of clouds and aerosols, and to quantify their influence on solar and terrestrial radiation. The main focus lies on the use of passive multispectral satellite images in general and from the geostationary METEOSAT satellite in particular, as they allow a detailed analysis of the temporal development of atmospheric state.

Retrievals of aerosol and cloud properties from satellite observations: our research is aimed at the development and improvement of algorithms to determine the properties of aerosols and clouds from satellite sensors, and to assess their uncertainties by comparison with ground-based measurements.
Temporal and spatial variability of cloud properties: subject of our research are the effects of subscale variability on the retrieval of cloud properties and radiative fluxes, as well as their impact on the comparison of ground-based and satellite observations.
Influence of clouds and aerosols on atmospheric radiation. Our main focus lies on the use of satellite products to characterise clouds and aerosols, and to estimate their effects on the atmospheric radiation budget.
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