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Hartwig Deneke

Contact Details

Office:  Building 23.5, Room 107
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49-341-235-3538
Fax: +49-341-235-3538


Postal Address

Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research
Permoser Str. 15
D04318 Leipzig


Research Topics

My research interest include the following topics:

  • Estimation of cloud properties from passive satellite sensors, and validation with ground-based measurements,
  • Influence of clouds and aerosols on the atmospheric radiation budget
  • Effects of small-scale cloud variability on cloud property retrievals and radiation

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 4/2010: Leader of the Satellite Remote Sensing Group at the IfT.
  • 7/2007-4/2010: EUMETSAT research fellow at KNMI, studying the effects of broken clouds and small-scale inhomogeneity on SEVIRI cloud retrievals.
  • 4/2005-6/2007: PostDoc at KNMI, working on the estimation of solar irradiance from geostationary satellite images and the evaluation of CM-SAF cloud properties.
  • 1/2003-3/2005: PostDoc at the Fraunhofer Institute for Scientific Computing and Algorithms with focus on text-mining for biological applications.
  • 6/2003: PhD from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn, with a thesis on the "Influence of clouds on the solar radiation budget".
  • 10/1999-11/2002: Researcher at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Insitute (KNMI), working on the interaction of clouds and solar radiation, and its measurement from ground- and space-based instruments.
  • 10/1993-6/1999: Study of Physics at the University of Bonn, Diploma thesis on the analysis of ceilometer backscatter profiles



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