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John Kalisch

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Room:  23/5 R 1.18



  Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research
  Permoserstrasse 15
  D-04318 Leipzig

  Physics Department / Satellite Remote Sensing Working Group


Research Topics

  • Analysis of cloud types, their radiative budgets and radiative effects from surface measurements over the Atlantic
  • Synergy of in-situ radiation measurements, satellite remote sensing and radiative transport modelling
  • Development of measurement devices: total sky imager and radiation network with low-cost stations


Curriculum Vitae

  • 1999 - 2005: study of meteoroloy at the University of Kiel
  • 2005: diploma thesis, Leibniz Institute of Marine Science Kiel (IFM-GEOMAR)
  • 2006 - 2010: scientist, Leibniz Institute of Marine Science Kiel (IFM-GEOMAR)
  • 2011: PhD thesis "Der Einfluss von Wolken auf den Strahlungsantrieb der Erde", Leibniz Institute of Marine Science Kiel (IFM-GEOMAR)
  • since 2011: PostDoc, TROPOS Leipzig


  • Kalisch J., Macke, A., 2008: „Validation of CM-SAF´s Surface Incoming Radiation Products based on Ship Observations”, Visiting Scientists Report within the SAF on Climate Monitoring of EUMETSAT, 89pp
  • Kalisch, J., Macke, A., 2008: „Estimation of the total cloud cover with high temporal resolution and parametrization of short-term fluctuations of sea surface insolation”, Meteor. Z. 17(5), 603 -611
  • Macke, A., Kalisch, J., Hollmann, R., 2010: „Validation of downward surface radiation derived from MSG data by in-situ observations over the Atlantic ocean”, Meteor. Z. 19(2), 155 -167
  • Macke, A., Kalisch, J., Zoll, Y., Bumke, K., 2010: „Radiative effects of the cloudy atmosphere from ground and satellite based observations”, EPJ Web of Conferences 9, 83-94
  • Kalisch, J., Macke, A., 2012: "Radiative budget and cloud radiative effect over the Atlantic from ship-based observations", Atmos. Meas. Tech. , 5, 2391-2401, doi:10.5194/amt-5-2391-2012
  • Kanitz, T., Ansmann, A., Seifert, P., Engelmann, R., Kalisch, J., Althausen, D., 2013: "Radiative effect of aerosols above the northern and southern Atlantic Ocean as determined from shipborne lidar observations", JGR, (submitted)
  • Bumke, K., Schlundt, M., Kalisch, J., Macke, A., Kleta, H., 2013: "Measured and Parameterized Energy Fluxes for Atlantic Transects of Polarstern", Journal of Physical Oceanography, (submitted)
  • Kalisch, J., 2011: „Der Einfluss von Wolken auf den Strahlungsantrieb der Erde”, Dissertation, Leibniz – Institut für Meereswissenschaften IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, 147pp, download
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